10 weight loss mistakes that prevent you from losing weight

The process of losing weight consists of a large number of traps, which are easy for an unprepared person to fall into. Surely you know the situation when you limited yourself to sweets, fatty foods, refused fast food, and the extra pounds do not want to leave you. This means that you make mistakes in nutrition that prevent you from losing weight.

Too long breaks between meals

Our body is able to perfectly adapt in order to survive in conditions of hunger. Therefore, when you do not eat for a long time, which means that you do not give the brain a signal about the intake of nutrients into the body, the body begins to save energy. And next time the body will try to protect itself from such stress and everything eaten after a long break, the body will put into fats.

In addition, long breaks between meals awaken hunger and, as a result, we tend to overeat. The best meal plan is to have 3 main meals and 2-3 snacks throughout the day.

Set unrealistic goals

No need to set unrealistic goals and strive to fit into a dress in a couple of weeks since prom. To achieve quick results in all ways is not only colossal harm to health, but also a loss of motivation, in a situation where it will not be possible to reach the goal. Remember, every big goal is achieved with small steps, painstaking work, endurance and patience. It is enough to weigh yourself once a week – and praise yourself for every little success.

Lose weight on the advice of instagram bloggers

People believe in the stories of social media bloggers who never cease to amaze with stories of how they managed to lose weight and create a dream figure for themselves. It is worth remembering that breakdowns, health problems in the female part and other unpleasant things often remain behind the scenes on Instagram.

In addition, everyone has their own ideal of the body, i.e. your weight, in which you are comfortable, your desired parameters and your appearance. And trying to chase other people’s standards is more likely to lead to poor health and self-dissatisfaction.

Introduce sweeteners to the menu

We are offered many options for sweeteners – natural and synthetic. Natural substitutes do not cause a sharp jump in insulin, which means they are suitable even for diabetics, and synthetic ones have a low calorie content. At the same time, it cannot be argued that sweeteners are useful, because there is little research on their effect on the body. Either way, synthetic sweeteners trigger an insulin spike that makes you feel hungry. And an excess of sweeteners will not in any way relieve you of sugar addiction, if any.

Don’t count calories

Most people who lose weight tend to underestimate the calorie content of the diet. Often we do not count all sorts of snacks – a slice of a sandwich, a few nuts, a piece of chocolate. In this way, you can gain extra calories. In addition, we are often lazy to count calories. For example, we eat a Caesar salad and do not calculate the CBFL for it, but in the application we select a dish that is set automatically. But 100 g of lettuce can contain either 100 kcal or 300.

Low in fiber

Fiber for our body acts like a sponge: it sucks in poisonous toxins and removes them from the body. In return, it gives good bowel function, health and lightness. High amounts of fiber are found in vegetables, especially cabbage and greens. But many of us don’t include enough fiber in our diet, especially during the cold season, when fresh vegetables are overpriced. Recall that there is a lot of fiber in bran, legumes, mushrooms, fruits. Therefore, it will not be difficult to include this product in the daily diet.

Replace all foods with low fat

Low-fat dairy and fermented milk products are a tribute to gastronomic fashion that has been promoted over the past couple of decades. Unfortunately, not everyone still knows that these products are not helpers in losing weight. Moreover, with them we consume even more calories, because manufacturers often add starch, sugar, etc. to improve the taste. Also, low-fat foods do not give a feeling of satiety, and the vitamins and minerals they contain are absorbed much worse.

Snack frequently

A sharp and significant decrease in calorie intake often provoke bouts of hunger. As a result, we are uncontrollably interrupted by snacks, due to which it is very easy to go over the daily calorie intake. Here we return to the question of what is necessary to properly plan the diet and distribute KBZhU throughout the day – to have a hearty breakfast, to have a full lunch and to think over snacks in advance. If you are at work, do not take food with you that is not on the list of your daily menu, and at home, control every desire to eat something. If hunger persists, an excellent option to combat it is raw vegetables and some fruits: carrots, beets, citrus fruits, apples, etc.

Consume “hidden” sugar

In pursuit of ideal shapes, we strive to give up desserts and our favorite sweets, but we forget that sugar is contained not only in them. So, for example, baked goods, commercial sauces for salads, ketchup, fruits, alcoholic drinks and even sausages have a sweet additive in their composition.

To ensure that an unwanted food does not end up in your diet, always read the product label carefully.

Eat only protein foods

On the internet, we often see rave reviews about protein diets. The essence of which is to create “carbohydrate starvation”: in this case, the body uses fat reserves as an energy source, due to which we lose extra centimeters. However, in this case, the body does not receive the necessary vitamins, fats and microelements, and the kidneys also suffer. As a result, we do not sleep well, get tired quickly and get brittle nails, dry skin and hair.

In the fight for a beautiful figure, do not forget that your health is at stake. Eat properly and in a balanced way. And be healthy!