10,000 steps a day at home: tips to achieve

10,000 steps daily is the magic formula to keep you in shape, health and wellness. When self-isolation prevents you from going to the gym or exercising outside, try to get past the required quota at home. You don’t need to buy a treadmill or stepper. We have prepared a few tips that will come in handy after the quarantine is over.

More breaks

Walk around the apartment

Interrupt your studies (work) every hour and do a small walk around the apartment. It is enough to walk around the room around the perimeter, look into the kitchen, onto the balcony or veranda. Along the way, you can spread abandoned things to their places: order will improve your mood and become an additional incentive.

An hourly short warm-up will strengthen muscles, improve blood flow, and help burn unnecessary calories. In order not to miss the mini-break, set the alarm in advance. And don’t forget the pedometer: at the end of the day, you’ll be amazed to see how much you’ve walked.

Ladder to help

Walk the stairs in the house

The ladder is the most affordable and absolutely free exercise machine. Just go to the landing and go up and down a few flights. Remember to wear athletic shoes with a good insole and a cushioning sole.

Increasing the load will help to gradually accelerate or move over a step. You can even set up a competition with yourself by increasing the number of spans and shortening your rest time every day. But be careful with your joints: running up the stairs can damage them. Stop exercising immediately if you feel discomfort in your knees.

Double distance

Do the dishes to the music

Follow any action with a double pass. After taking the plate to the kitchen, return for the spoon: this will double the distance.

Before washing the dishes, walk around the kitchen, while cooking, do not stand still, but step with your feet. The right pace will be set by cheerful music that you can listen to with headphones.

Back to the childhood

jump rope at home

Take a children’s rope out of the far drawer, or simply cut a thick cord to the desired length. Now jump! You can start with the simplest jumps, and then move on to more complex ones: with a double turn of the rope, changing or crossing legs. Children will be happy to join the classes.

An alternative option is jumping over a rubber band, which can be pulled over the legs of chairs or other furniture. Take care of non-slip shoes in advance: it is easy to get injured on a smooth floor.

Walk always, walk everywhere

Chat on the phone

During a phone call or conversation with family members, it is not necessary to sit on the sofa. Get up and walk at a calm pace. In 10-15 minutes you can easily walk a couple of thousand steps and you won’t even notice fatigue.

While waiting for the kettle to boil, make a couple of circles around the kitchen, wake up, march for 1-2 minutes and only then get down to business. Walk about when you think about something: it has been proven that with constant rhythmic movement, fresh ideas come faster.

Dance, dance

Daughter ballet dance at home

Dancing to rhythmic music is the best way to warm up, improve your mood and strengthen your muscles. You can even improve your own technique by turning on the TV and simulating the movements of your favorite artist.

The choice is great: step, hip-hop, belly dancing or fun-style – it all depends on personal taste and level of training. Just half an hour of dance warm-up and you are in great shape. You can dance alone or with the whole family: children will surely like this entertainment.