4 ways to return to diet after a breakdown

Dieting is always difficult, especially when there are many delicious temptations around. The topic of disruptions in losing weight is very relevant. But there is nothing wrong with that, the main thing is to form the right attitude. There are a number of simple rules that can be followed to easily return to proper nutrition.

Don’t make it a tragedy

Any diet is always stress for the body, which begins to accumulate reserves “in case of war.” And even with steel willpower, sometimes we break loose and have a “revel”. If there is a breakdown, you do not need to go to extremes and make a tragedy out of it. The basic rule is never to blame or scold yourself. You need to realize that we are all imperfect and a breakdown on a diet is not the worst thing that can be. Otherwise, you can get even more upset and start eating up frustration with junk food.

All actions are born in our head, so the main thing is positive attitudes. Better praise yourself for stopping. This day does not fundamentally change anything. If you get together, you can change everything. Sometimes you can pamper yourself with something tasty and there is nothing to worry about. Just remember that this should not be repeated on a regular basis.

The next item is the return to the norm of kilocalories. You don’t need to go on a hunger strike the next day. To get into the rhythm correctly, eat as usual. But on this day, you can reduce the amount of carbohydrates by adding more protein to the diet. This will help you feel satiated and stabilize your blood sugar levels. Be mindful of the amount of water you drink. Add as much pure water as possible to your diet to even out your hydration levels.

Understand the reasons for the breakdown

Breakdown is an unplanned and offensive action that never happens from scratch. Having dealt with the reasons, you can avoid unplanned “gluttony” next time.


When we reach into the refrigerator for a forbidden chocolate – of course, during stress. The body sends a signal to the brain, which begins to think hard about what to do to get rid of painful experiences. At this point, it is important to distract yourself from thoughts of food. You can do handicrafts, read an interesting book, or take a walk in the fresh air.

Striving for fast results

You should not rush things, the results of the diet cannot be quick. Optimal weight loss – 1 kilogram per week. You can drink water without restriction. Do not consider the withdrawal from the diet as a breakdown: 2 candies will not bring much harm to the figure. Obsessing over losing weight leads to new breakdowns, and getting pleasure from the process is the key to success.

Wrong diet

Eating habits should be changed slowly and carefully. Always add healthy new foods to your diet. The more varied the food is, the less chance of losing your diet. It is allowed to arrange “tasty” days.

The habit of eating before bed

An extremely important point is the usual diet. If a late dinner is a common occurrence for you, this will lead to a natural “riot” of the body. Since the habit has developed over the years, you need to gradually reduce the late dinner time.

Lack of sleep

You need to carefully consider your sleep regimen. Not getting enough sleep leads to the production of cortisol, a hormone that increases your appetite.

Conduct an enhanced workout

There is a great option for working off the calories eaten – exercise. Go to the gym, do your gymnastics at home, or go for a morning run. Any of the options will work, the main thing is to burn the calories you have gained. Intensive training will help not only get rid of extra pounds, but also smooth out the pangs of conscience. But do not “drive” yourself, you just need to practice longer than usual.

Reward yourself. A great incentive will be a gift for every pound lost. Keep a big goal in mind and don’t let small breakdowns put an end to it. If you are on the path to healthy eating, then try not to turn off it.

To not give up

A diet for girls is one of the most effective ways to correct the deficiencies of problem areas. You shouldn’t give up in moments of breakdown, you just need to regain motivation. This will help viewing photos of beautiful and slender girls whom you want to be like. Imagine how you will go to the beach with a beautiful figure and take gorgeous photos that you will not be ashamed to put on your profile picture. How to be surprised all the acquaintances to see you slender and prettier. You will hear the phrase “A girl can meet you” much more often.

It is important to remember that stopping weight can be a companion to menstruation or muscle gain. Continue to eat properly and he will definitely get off the ground.