5 exercises contraindicated for overweight people

Coaches, doctors and laymen constantly argue that in order to lose weight, you just need to eat less and exercise more. You can’t argue with these arguments, but you need to understand that not every workout will be useful for a person who is overweight. An incorrectly selected exercise will not only not bring the desired effect, but can also give the opposite result, further restrict the mobility of a novice athlete. Therefore, before starting training, you need to understand what exercises should not be done by overweight people.


Plump woman runs barefoot along the shore

Of course, for weight loss, it is imperative to include cardio load in the training program. But for an unprepared person with extra pounds, jogging can cause irreparable harm. This kind of shock training puts stress on the joints and cardiovascular system.

What to replace? In the first stages, it is advisable to walk on a treadmill instead of running. In this case, it is advisable to monitor the state of your body, an increase in heart rate.

Asymmetric exercises

Yoga for scoliosis

Many experts have recently been talking about the effectiveness of asymmetric exercises – they are suitable both for eliminating general muscle imbalance, and for evenly distributing the load between different muscle groups.

But if already experienced athletes find it easy to control their body, then overweight beginners find it much more difficult. That is why, for them, asymmetric exercises can result in a fall and injury. In addition, this type of training also overloads the joints.

What to replace? At the beginning, it is advisable to focus on standard loads. For general development, swimming, walking, exercise on a stationary bike may be suitable.

Static loads

Girl in plank

The plank is undoubtedly one of the basic exercises that perfectly work out a huge number of muscles. But the bar, like other static exercises, increases pressure, and since overweight people have a tendency to hypertension, such training in the early stages is not suitable for them. For the same reason, yoga should be practiced with caution.

What to replace? Instead of static exercises, it is advisable to focus on strengthening the stabilizing muscles to reduce the risk of joint injury.


plump woman jumping rope

Jumping (including jumping rope) is often included in an interval training program designed to lose weight quickly. The prospect of instantly dropping 5-10 kg looks extremely attractive, but in fact it can lead to serious health consequences.

Overweight people should not perform high-intensity percussion exercises, as they risk damaging the osteo-ligamentous apparatus and getting serious injuries. Moreover, interval exercise is a serious challenge for the cardiovascular system, so workouts with a heart rate higher than 140 beats per minute are not suitable for overweight people.

What to replace? Instead of exhausting cardio loads, experts recommend paying attention to strength exercises. By developing muscles, you can lose weight much faster. However, exercising on simulators, it is necessary to focus on heart rate indicators and general well-being.

Weighted exercise

Deadlift for women

In an effort to lose weight, many gym goers begin workouts with the wrong weights. It must be remembered that excess weight already puts stress on the joints and heart, therefore, adding kilograms in the form of dumbbells or weights, it is easy to end up injuring yourself. The likelihood of it increases if you perform exercises with high weights while standing – this will also put a load on your knees.

What to replace? Preference should be given to basic exercises for large muscle groups, performing the main part of the training while sitting or lying down, thereby reducing the load on the joints of the legs.