5 most active dog breeds for those who like to sit still

Running, swimming, and cycling has been proven to be better in good company. Do not persuade a friend or girlfriend: your favorite dog will become the best accompanying in training. Almost all dogs love to run in the air, but some breeds are particularly mobile. Having got such a pet, you will quickly feel that you do not need any evil trainer: a super active four-legged friend will monitor the intensity of the load.


Run with husky

A champion in activity, the ideal dog for beginners and experienced athletes. Absolutely not suitable for couch potatoes and those who like to sleep longer. Having got a husky, be prepared for early wakes, long walks in any weather, and Sunday trips out of town. The daily minimum for a representative of this breed is 1 hour in the morning and in the evening. It will not work to sit on the bench: the dog must be constantly in motion, and the owner must control it.

Husky will be an excellent running companion, they are capable of marathons and sprints. The dog tolerates frost and wind without any problems, it is not afraid of precipitation. The pet can be taken on skiing trips and even harnessed to a sled.

The peculiarity of the husky is a love of freedom and a fairly strong character. To get along with this dog, the owner must demonstrate that he is the leader of their small pack. At the first runs, the dog must be taken on a long leash, it can be released only after it demonstrates perfect obedience.

Fox terrier

Fox Terrier wants to play

An incredibly active dog with a choleric temperament. It is completely unsuitable for living in a confined space: locked in solitude, the fox will inevitably begin to misbehave. The big advantage of the dog is its compact size. It is convenient to keep a fox terrier in city apartments, but daily walks for 1-2 hours twice a day are necessary.

In order for the dog to receive the necessary load, it can be taken for jogging or cycling. Long marathon races seem too boring for fox terriers, but they just love to run a race for short distances.

Another load option is the general training course on the site. The fox terrier tolerates heat well: its coarse, thick coat protects it from overheating.

A significant minus of the fox terrier is an explosive temperament and an ineradicable hunting instinct. Noticing a cat, bird or stranger cyclist, the dog will certainly change the route and, with loud barking, rush after potential prey. Keep your pet on a long leash and constantly monitor to prevent the workout from being disrupted. He can only run freely in nature: keep in mind that the fox will return only when he wants to.


Bicycle ride with a greyhound

A dog for real esthetes, very agile, but at the same time elegant. It doesn’t matter who you get: an Afghan, Russian dog, Saluki or even an Italian greyhound: all representatives of this tribe will become a faithful companion for walking and jogging.

In the old days, it was believed that only those who have a horse can start a greyhound. Today, a horse will completely replace a bicycle or an electric scooter.

The greyhound will keep company on jogging, it prefers a flat area where you can develop good speed. This dog is ideal for interval training: after jerking on the verge of possible, rest should follow, and then you can take records again.

To make the greyhound feel comfortable, you need to walk it at least 2 times a day for an hour or more. An obligatory item is jogging with or without a long leash. At least once a week, the dog needs to run outside the city. Representatives of this breed are sensitive, they are very loyal to the owner, but do not tolerate severe pressure. Like other hunting dogs, greyhounds are not very suitable for tough training, but they do well at remembering basic commands.

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniel in water

A small but extremely active dog. Cocker is not a pet, but a real hunter, capable of walking on waterfowl and upland birds. The dog is perfectly adapted for jogging on rough terrain, it swims well, is distinguished by fearlessness and endurance.

Cocker loves to eat very much and in the absence of exercise quickly gets fat. Long walks and jogging will help keep your dog in shape. The dog will become a companion for cycling, ball games, swimming. Like all spaniels, he develops a good speed and does not get tired for a long time. It is advisable to go out with the dog to nature at least once a week, where she could run without a leash.

The Cocker Spaniel is suitable for extroverts who like to spend their free time outdoors and prefer active sports. He will become a good companion for children, will not show aggression towards other dogs. This dog is very sociable and friendly, loves good company, cannot stand long loneliness. Locked in four walls, the cocker will certainly be naughty, the owner will have to provide his pet with a constant load.

A significant disadvantage is the difficulty with training. Before releasing a cocker from the leash, you need to make sure that he has learned the basic commands well and will return at the first request of the owner.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd Training

Ideal object for training. Sheepdog is distinguished by endurance and obedience, after completing the basic course it will become the best companion for any training. A large, muscular dog tolerates cold, wind and precipitation well, but on hot summer days, it is better to postpone training to the evening or early morning.

Representatives of this breed are good for interval jogging over rough terrain, they can be taken on various quests with good physical activity. Some shepherd dogs love to swim.

For marathon races on a hard surface, dogs are not adapted, they can injure their paws.

Sheepdog does not require daily long runs, it is quite capable of limited to one long and one short walk a day. To maintain its shape, the dog needs a weekly load with interval jogging, exercises on sports equipment: stairs, logs, maze. Cynologists recommend giving the shepherd not only physical, but also intellectual stress: they are necessary for this breed.