If you want to get a toned body as quickly as possible, then monitor not only the number of workouts but also their quality. Improper performance of certain exercises can not only slow down the process of gaining shape but also harm your health. We will tell you about common mistakes so that you can make your workouts as effective and safe as possible.

Vertical thrust

The most common mistakes when doing the vertical row are:

  • pulling the handle under the chest,
  • dropping the elbows behind the back,
  • placing the handle behind the neck,
  • too wide arms.

Correct technique:

  • Arch your back so that your chest is as close to the bar as possible;
  • The neck should be in line with the spine;
  • Place your hands on the bar slightly wider than your shoulders;
  • Make sure that your elbows are pointing down.


Lunges are a more difficult exercise than you might think at first. The most common execution errors include:

  • the tilt of the protruding leg forward,
  • straightening the back leg,
  • separation of the heel of the front leg from the floor.

Correct technique:

  • The front leg should form a 90-degree angle;
  • The knee of the front leg should not protrude forward beyond the line of the toes;
  • The knee of the hind leg should be parallel to the floor surface;
  • The spine should be straight.

One-legged glute bridge

This type of bridge is difficult to implement and many make standard mistakes. Often people cannot maintain a 90-degree angle for a supporting leg, and many are also unable to raise their other leg high enough.

Correct technique:

Lie on a yoga mat and spread your knees;
Tighten your buttocks and lift one leg, make sure that it remains straight;
Raise your hips, making sure that the other leg is bent at a 90-degree angle.

Twisting with rope

If during this exercise you keep your upper body straight, move your hips back and forth, sit on your backside, then your technique is completely wrong.

Correct technique:

Keep your hips tight;
Tilt your body slightly forward;
When squeezing, tense the abdominal muscles, while rounding your back;
Lower your head down;
Hold the rope by the handles.

Block pulls in a crossover with a rope

The most common mistakes made are:

when pushing down, the elbows are outward,
the backbends forward,
there are no triceps contractions.

Correct technique:

Bend forward a little and bend your knees, legs should be located at hip level;
The elbows need to be slightly bent and kept close to the body;
Engage your triceps as you lower the rope.


Squats performed incorrectly can cause lower back pain. Many people try to position the knees inward, but this technique can only injure the knees. Also, when performing, the load is often incorrectly distributed in the legs, leaning on the toes.

Correct technique:

Keep your torso and back straight, with the weight on your heels;
The knees should not protrude forward beyond the level of the toes;
When squatting, the hips should drop below the knees.