Basic weight loss exercises for beginners

Strength training is especially important for losing weight and toning the body. But many people avoid this type of exercise for fear of doing something wrong. You should not give up strength exercises, we will show you training options that even beginners can easily perform without prior preparation. Novice athletes are advised to start with a weight of 2–5 kilograms and gradually increase the load. Do 10-12 repetitions for each exercise.


Squat technique

This exercise works the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, calves, forearms, and shoulders. It is necessary to perform squats with dumbbells in hand.

Execution order:

  1. Stand up straight with your feet slightly wider than your hips.
  2. Hold the kettlebell straight in front of your chest with both hands.
  3. Bend your knees and squat down. Keep your back straight and do not tilt your head and chest forward. Keep your feet flat on the floor and keep your heels on the ground.
  4. Hold in the occupied position for 2-3 seconds and return to the starting position.

Shoulder press

Technique Shoulder Press

You will also need dumbbells for this exercise. Its implementation will have a positive effect on the muscles of the shoulders, upper back and arms.

Execution order:

  1. Stand up straight with your feet hip-width apart. Also, this exercise can be performed from a sitting position, for this sit on a bench. Regardless of the method of execution, make sure that your back remains straight.
  2. Take dumbbells in each hand, then raise them to shoulder level, elbows should be perpendicular to the palms. This is the starting position for the exercise.
  3. Raise the dumbbells over your head, pause briefly in a position with your arms fully extended.
  4. Return slowly to the starting position.


Deadlift technique

The next exercise targets the quadriceps, glutes, lower back, hamstrings. In the classic version, this exercise is performed with a barbell, but you can also do it using dumbbells or weights as a weight.

Execution order:

  1. Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart, and bend your knees slightly. Take dumbbells in each hand.
  2. Pull your hips back and bend your knees to lower your body down.
  3. Slowly lift the dumbbells towards your feet. Take a short pause for a few seconds in the occupied position.
  4. Pull your shoulder blades back and stand up straight. Keep your back straight while doing this. Keep the dumbbells close to your shins.

Important: work with large weights in the future must be supervised by the trainer! Incorrect execution is fraught with injury.

One-arm dumbbell row

One-arm dumbbell row

This exercise is effective for working out the upper back, performed with a dumbbell.

Execution order:

  1. Stand up straight, take a dumbbell in one hand.
  2. Step forward with the opposite foot.
  3. Turn your hips forward, keeping your spine straight.
  4. Raise the dumbbell to chest level, try to keep your elbow closer to your body.
  5. Lower your arm to its original position, make sure that the arm is unbent, but not dangling: lower the projectile smoothly, without throwing down and further jerking up.
  6. Repeat the exercise for the other hand.