Calcium-leaching products

After BJU, calcium occupies the first place in the human body. This mineral, along with phosphoric acid, forms the musculoskeletal system – not only bones, but also muscles. Calcium is extremely important, so it’s helpful to know what everyday foods might be leaching out of this trace mineral.


Coffee is a diuretic drink; drinking too much of it has no health benefits. 100 mg of caffeine removes up to 6 mg of calcium from the body. To replenish this amount of mineral, you need to drink 1.5-2 glasses of milk.

If coffee is an integral part of the daily diet, then the loss of calcium should be compensated for with healthy products: dairy (with a fat content of up to 5%), vegetables and fruits, and nuts. It is important that the menu is rich and varied, since calcium from various foods is not absorbed by the body in the same way.

In order not to harm your health, it is recommended to consume no more than 2-3 cups of coffee, 100 ml per day.

Palm oil

Palm oil interferes with the absorption of not only calcium, but also vitamins (especially D). Without these important components, the skeletal system suffers: rickets, scoliosis develop, joints lose their elasticity, and the amount of inter-articular fluid decreases.

Limit your intake of palm oil whenever possible. Today it is used in the preparation of many products, therefore, in order to preserve your body, pay attention to the composition before buying them.

Sweet soda

Sugar soda contains a large amount of phosphoric acid, which is useful in small amounts, but when it comes from sugary sodas, it has the opposite effect. For example, it causes acidosis.

Sweet soda creates a dysbacterial environment in the intestines, in which it is difficult to assimilate not only calcium, but also other useful minerals. Some carbonated drinks contain caffeine, which also has an adverse effect on the skeletal system. Of course, it is not necessary to completely abandon them, but still you should give preference to natural juices or plain water.


Excessive consumption of sweets disrupts the intestinal microflora, and since calcium is absorbed through it, a lack of a useful trace element is created. It should be remembered that many sugar and flour products contain palm oil. It is enough to drink just 1 glass of soda a day and eat 2 small pieces of cake to cause serious harm to your health.

Flour products and harmful sweets can be replaced with fruits, dried fruits, honey, marshmallow. They will not only preserve the necessary calcium in the body, but also will not lead to the accumulation of extra pounds.