Diets that can be harmful

In an attempt to achieve the ideal figure, women are capable of many things. Diets are the main weapon in the fight against excess weight and centimeters. But some types of fasting can be very harmful and even dangerous to health, if you do not consult a doctor in advance.


This is a type of diet when it is allowed to eat only one product at a time. For example, if a decision is made to spend three days on a diet, then all three days a person should eat one thing, not including anything else. Of course, it is not forbidden to drink water and green tea with any diet. The bigger, the better.

It rarely happens that the inclusion of other products is allowed. But this is in the event that it is supposed to starve for a long time. All inclusions should be minor.

Examples of mono-diets with a single base: buckwheat, apple, watermelon, kefir, date, etc.

From one or a couple of days, there will be no harm to the body. Such days are called fasting days. But the mono diet involves a very limited eating style for one or two weeks. This eliminates salt and sugar. As a result, the body is deprived of many nutrients for a long time. The body is losing weight, but at a too high cost. When you go to the usual diet, the kilograms are usually returned with a margin.

Such diets lead to the development of diseases of the digestive tract, metabolism is upset. There is a risk of developing endocrine, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the central nervous system.

For example, citrus fasting saturates the body with acids, which cause irritation of the stomach walls, inflammation and the development of gastritis and colitis. Watermelon nutrition loads the body with water and salts, which leads to edema and impaired kidney function. Long-term use of kefir will lead to microbleeding in the intestinal walls, a decrease in hemoglobin and blood loss, which leads to anemia and a decrease in immunity.


Fasting therapy is a good thing if done once a month or once every couple of months. Moreover, it should not last more than one or two days. The body receives only water. The liquid can be different: tea, filtered water, natural juices.

If an adult decides to starve for a week, the body begins to feed on internal resources, that is, it extracts nutrients from its own tissues. This is already becoming dangerous. In addition to fats, it spends proteins that are good for bones and muscles. As a result, the muscles weaken, the elasticity of the skin is lost, and wrinkles are formed.

The quality of life is deteriorating. A person develops headaches, he is accompanied by a constant feeling of hunger, abdominal pain, nausea and general weakness.

Due to an aggressive diet, immunity weakens. Chronic diseases awaken, infectious and colds appear. Often there are tumors, hormonal levels go astray, which can lead to infertility.

Due to the lack of nutrients, mental abilities weaken, a disorder of the psyche and the central nervous system occurs. Fainting and convulsions of the extremities occur, blood circulation is impaired.

It is possible to carry out therapeutic fasting, even for one day, only under the supervision and with the recommendation of a doctor.

In addition, after leaving the diet, the lost kilograms will definitely return, and new ones will be added to them. Because a weakened body, in order to avoid another such shock, will begin to store up reserves of substances just in case.

Sweet diet

There are some sweets and not gaining weight is the dream of any girl. This type of diet is often chosen by those with a sweet tooth, hoping not only to lose extra pounds, but also to eat only what they really like.

With a sweet diet, it is allowed and recommended to eat only sweets in the form of sweets, chocolate, cakes and desserts during the week. But the amount of this is strictly limited. You can eat sweets no more than 100 g per day. And wash it down with black coffee or green tea without sugar. The emphasis is on the fact that sweet relieves hunger. But this effect does not last long.

Due to the sharp fluctuations in glucose and a constantly empty stomach, heartburn, headaches, a breakdown and upset of the gastrointestinal tract occur. There is a risk of developing diseases of the liver, stomach, pancreas and tooth decay.

You can lose weight on such a diet, but along with it, the joy of life, performance will go away, libido will decrease and the menstrual cycle will be disrupted.