Foods with more sugar than you might think

There are many products in which sugar is present in an amount no less than candy or cakes. It turns out that in order to reduce its consumption, it is not enough to exclude only sweets from your diet. What foods are best to avoid.

Low fat products

Milk, yogurt, cottage cheese and some other products, it turns out, contain sugar. Manufacturers add it along with flavorings to make these foods more delicious. After losing fat, it also loses its taste. Nobody wants to buy it.

It turns out that such products can in no way be considered dietary, as we used to think thanks to advertising. This is a kind of marketing ploy. Yes, and fatty foods, according to recent studies, are not as bad as they used to be. Add healthy fats like olive oil, nuts, and sea fish to your diet. Then the need for carbohydrates will decrease.

Yoghurts with filling

Yoghurts are good for digestion and regular consumption improves the intestinal microflora. But this applies only to a natural fermented milk product without any unnecessary additives.

In the store, however, most yoghurts are sold with various fruit fillings. These fillers are dangerous in terms of hidden sugar and break records for this indicator. Its amount in one glass sometimes reaches 5 teaspoons.

An alternative would be homemade yogurt, which can be sweetened with a little honey or fresh fruit pieces.

Carbonated drinks “sugar-free”

If the bottle indicates that the drink does not contain sugar, then it contains artificial substitutes or agave syrup, for example. This should make the soda healthier, but it isn’t.

The safety of sweeteners is exaggerated. These substances have a high glycemic index. They provoke an intense release of insulin and the formation of fatty deposits. Not only do they fail to prevent the development of type 2 diabetes, but they also cause it.

This fact has been proven by research by Israeli scientists. It turns out that gaining extra pounds with Diet Coke is also possible. And such a popular sweetener as aspartame, when decomposed, forms the dangerous carcinogen formaldehyde.

Sausage and sausages

When there is no time for cooking, all kinds of semi-finished products always help out. But few people realize that all such meat products contain carbohydrates in the form of starch, flour, lactose, sucrose. With their help, manufacturers achieve a pleasant taste of the product. Try to minimize your consumption of hot dogs and cold cuts.

Store sauces

Ready-made sauces from the store are unlikely to anyone suspect of an excess of sugar, but this opinion is erroneous.

If you want to lose weight or have diabetes, skip ketchup, barbecue sauce, mustard, and other types. They are appetizing and wonderfully combine with meat and pasta, add a unique flavor to dishes. But they also contain a lot of salt, spices and sugar. In one tablespoon it will be at least 4 g, or even more. The barbecue sauce contains honey. The taste is balanced in such a way that the sweetness is hardly felt.

It is better to cook homemade marinades to be sure of their quality. It is not difficult, a variety of recipes are available online.

Energy Bars

These bars, including protein bars, are considered healthy foods that are suitable for athletes. Therefore, they are bought by people who monitor their weight, those who are engaged in fitness or want to pump up muscles. But they are made from cereals with the addition of fructose and glucose.

Protein bars should saturate the body with protein, but it contains only 20-30 percent, but there is glucose syrup and palm oil. There are now on sale bars that are made from dried fruits. They are healthier and will be a substitute for candy. But do not forget that they are still high in carbohydrates.


Packaged juices on store shelves may vary depending on the composition. In some, the content of natural ingredients is higher, in cheap versions – lower. They are full of dyes and preservatives. But even juice, which seems harmless from a chemical point of view, is a source of carbohydrates, the consumption of which is recommended to be limited. Even in freshly squeezed, without any additional additives, there is twice as much sugar as in soda.