Reasons to give up fast food

Every day, people’s love for fast food is growing more and more. Despite the fact that many know about the dangers of fast food, they continue to indulge themselves with a juicy burger or crispy nuggets. Of course, from one portion you will not get anything, but if you abuse such food, then expect serious consequences. If you are a lover of junk food, then here are five facts that will help you to give up fast food forever.

Fats and glucose

If we talk about fats, then, perhaps, instant food is one of the most high-calorie foods. With such food, you get absolutely unnecessary energy. From an excess of calories, fat appears in unwanted places. And excessive consumption of such food can lead to obesity, followed by other diseases.

During the cooking process, glucose is added to fast food. Artificial sweeteners undoubtedly increase the taste of any dish, but they have a significant impact on human health. Excessive consumption of glucose can lead to serious consequences. It can cause Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and heart disease. Glucose is mainly found in sauces. Thanks to them, dishes become tastier and it is not so easy to refuse it. Of course, you can sometimes indulge yourself with a treat, but not overuse it.

Unnatural eggs

Few people knew, but restaurants and cafes, in order to save money, do not use natural eggs in their egg-based dishes, but “High-quality egg mixture”.

The name may not tell you anything, but if you dig further, numerous studies have shown that this mixture contains glycerin. And this substance is part of shaving gel, soap. If glycerin enters your body in small quantities, then nothing will happen to you, but if its amount grows more and more every day, then expect unpleasant consequences.

Elastic bread

The largest supplier of hamburger buns and cheeseburgers in the world is a company called Subway. For example, the bread that this company produced contained a substance called azocarbon diamide. This element was used to make yoga mats.

This sad news spread around the world at the speed of light. Some time later, Subway announced that the substance had been removed from the production of bread. However, there is no guarantee that it has not been replaced by an element that is more harmful to the human body.

Carbonated fecal bacteria

In almost all fast food establishments in the world, fecal bacteria have been found in soda machines. This equipment can be safely considered the source of the spread of this form of bacteria.

If you already know what is contained in soda machines, then you will definitely forget the way to the nearest establishment to indulge yourself with another harmful delicacy with your favorite soda. In addition, E. coli was also found in these machines. It is she who will be able to cause food poisoning, and then death.


Cellulose is a substance that is extracted from trees. It is used as a thickener instead of flour and oil. Saving restaurants and cafes on these ingredients can cost a person their lives.

If your body receives more and more cellulose every day, then you need to know that it is not absorbed by your body in any way. A small amount of cellulose will do nothing for you, but excessive use of this substance can lead to serious consequences.