the best exercises in the gym and at home

The abdomen and sides, because of which the waist moves away from the ideal, are the result of a complex of reasons: genetic predisposition, anatomical features and improper lifestyle. However, there are ways to make your waist slim, but to enjoy the results longer than 3-6 months, you need to engage in your body constantly, take care of yourself, diet and exercise daily habits.

How to make the waist thinner and remove the belly

Achieving a thin waist is not as easy as the manufacturers of weight loss products write. You can make the task easier only by using special secrets. First of all, it is worth finding out the root cause of excess weight. If these are hormonal disorders or problems with the thyroid gland, then you cannot do without treatment.

For weight loss, it is important to use a symbiosis of methods:

  • Healthy food;
  • Wellness habits;
  • Physical exercises;
  • Cosmetical tools;
  • Getting rid of bad habits;
  • The right motivation.
Girl with a thin waist

In order for the waist to be slim, a whole range of measures is needed.

One way follows from the other, complementing it. You cannot choose one thing, neglecting the rest of the list items. It is equally important to prepare the body for a new lifestyle. Switch to a balanced diet and good habits smoothly so that the body gets used to it. A sharp jump will become stress, which it is advisable to avoid at all.

Physical activity begins with a warm-up and stretching to avoid damaging the muscles. The load should be dosed – from a minimum of 10 minutes at home to 2 hours of active training in the gym. Let your body relax while staying toned. For this, a hula-hoop (hoop), a jump rope and a gymnastic disk are useful, on which it is enough to spend at least 20 minutes a day.

Proper nutrition

A balanced diet consists of foods rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. A diet for weight loss is the consumption of food in which the minimum amount of carbohydrates and the maximum amount of protein. Polyunsaturated fatty acids, fiber and clean water help to increase metabolism, as well as remove toxins and toxins from the body.

The main rules of dietary nutrition:

  1. You should eat light meals 5-6 times a day instead of the usual three. It is better to divide one standard portion into two or three.
  2. The most significant meal is breakfast. It should be complete, rich in nutrients and calories, which will last for the whole day. Lunch is also rich, unlike dinner. Eating at night should be low-fat foods in a minimum amount. It is advisable to have dinner no later than three to four hours before bedtime.
  3. It is worth drinking about two liters of clean water per day, not counting drinks. Nutritionists call green tea, vitamin cocktails and fresh juices useful. They can be drunk at any time, except for meals. It is advisable to drink food only with mineral water.
  4. It is important to start the morning with fiber-rich foods: bran, nuts, legumes, wheat, raisins, lentils, rice, oatmeal. Add carrots, herbs, broccoli, cabbage to them. Instead of coffee, it is better to drink green tea with ginger, apple or orange juice.
  5. For dinner, nutritionists recommend eating kefir, fresh grapefruit, salads. For fruit salad, it is best to use apples, pineapple, or pears. Vegetable salads with cucumbers, herbs and cabbage are welcome. These fruits and vegetables burn stored fat.

The diet should contain lean meat and fish, seafood, eggs, dairy products, olive and flaxseed oil. The latter contains a minimum of calories, as well as a complex of nutrients that are not even found in fish oil. It is fish oil that is considered to be an assistant in the fight against cellulite in the abdomen. If you can’t stand it, then replace it with linseed oil.

Slimming products

Foods to eat for weight loss

In addition, you should abandon:

  • Sugar, it is replaced with special diabetic additives, honey, dried fruits;
  • Fast food – it has a lot of fat;
  • Chips, croutons and snacks;
  • Fried, smoked products, and it is better to steam or boil;
  • Sweets and carbonated drinks, where there are practically no nutrients, but there is a large amount of fast carbohydrates.

Pomegranates, grapes, watermelon, banana and cherries can be consumed but in small quantities. These berries and fruits are rich in vitamins, but they are also rich in fructose, which whets the appetite.

Spices, garlic, cinnamon, black pepper, various homemade sauces are not prohibited, although they also have a positive effect on appetite, so do not overdo it. Purchased mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, and other sauces should not be consumed, because they are created from not the most useful products with the addition of chemical enhancers of taste and smell. As a last resort, only purchase them from health food stores.

Fiber foods

Fiber-rich foods

The best exercises for a thin waist

To make the waist thin, you need a set of exercises, which includes strength training to strengthen the abs plus cardio loads, removing excess volume in the abdomen and burning calories – the basis of the fat layer. Each exercise should involve the obliques and core muscles.

Physical activity is conventionally divided into exercise in the gym or at home. They differ in their execution technique, efficiency, and the use of special equipment. They can be combined, changed, and the load can be increased daily.

In the gym

Those who want to lose weight often use various weighting agents in the gym. They are needed to build muscle. This is useful for those who wish to have abs cubes. If all you care about is getting rid of excess weight, you should not work hard with a barbell or dumbbells. In addition to weights, lateral extensions on the simulator, straight crunches on the press, and side-to-side bends have a positive effect on the press.

Hanging leg raises

Hanging on the horizontal bar, you need to raise straight legs to an angle of 90O, hold them a little in this position, and then slowly lower them. Hands remain shoulder-width apart, breathing is even. Do it as many times as you can physically.

Girl on the bar

Hanging leg raises

Crunches on the bench

The simulator is tilted 30-40 degrees. They lie head down on their backs, their legs are fixed by special rollers. Gradually tear off the shoulders and upper body, leaving the lower region motionless. It is not necessary to lower it to the end so that the tension on the press remains. Arms can be crossed over your chest or behind your head.

Girl exercising

Crunches on the bench

It is important! To relieve the vertebrae from strong pressure, the back is kept round.

Rises on an incline bench

You need to lie on your back with your head up, and hook onto the crossbar with your hands. The legs are raised at a right angle, after which they slowly return to their original position. Avoid lowering your lower body completely to maintain tension in your abdomen.

Leg raises

Rises on an incline bench

Fitball lessons

The legs are on the fitball, the hands are on the floor, the stomach is directed upward. As you exhale, the legs stretch to the chest, and the gymnastic ball rolls over the body. After a few seconds, an exhalation is made, then the starting position is taken.

Gymnast with ball

Fitball lessons

Crossover training

The sports equipment uses the pectoral muscles and abs. You need to grab the handle of the crossover with both hands, taking a position in its center. The cables run slightly forward at the sides on slightly bent elbows. When you exhale, the handles tend to the chest, while inhaling, they return to the standard position. It is important to keep your back straight.

Crossover simulator

Crossover training

At home

Since exercises at home can be performed without special equipment, they are suitable for beginners as a basic physical course or as an effective addition to training on simulators.


In a prone position, place an emphasis on your palms, bending your elbows. The pose is similar to a push-up. Rise on tiptoes, bringing the body into a single straight line. In this position, stand for 10-30 seconds, then lie down on your stomach and rest for about 5 seconds. Repeat 5-10 times.

Elbow plank



The lesson can be done in any position. Exhale all the air in your lungs. Inhale as much as possible so that the stomach is practically in contact with the spine. In this state, you need to spend 15–45 seconds, then exhale again. Repeat the lesson as many times as possible. The exercise tenses the transverse abdominal muscle, acting as a natural corset.

Vacuum exercise


Steps to the side

Stand up straight with your feet together and your hands on your waist. As you inhale, take a step to the side, raising your arms. When exhaling, lower your arms, put your feet next to each other. Repeat on the other side. The back always remains straight.

Warm up before training

Steps to the side


Sit on your back, press your shoulder blades to the floor, clasp your hands behind your head or lay under you, put your legs bent at the knees on the floor. The head is raised, straight legs are raised perpendicular to the body. Alternately, the legs fall to the floor.

Girl lying on her back



You need to lie on your stomach with your feet shoulder-width apart and hips pressed to the floor. The arms are extended forward. Then the upper body rises, after which the elbows are bent and the arms are pulled up to the chest. The shoulder blades are as close as possible. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise as many times as you can.

Swimming or swallow

Good habits

In addition to proper nutrition and exercise, good habits will help to slim the waist and remove the belly. They are additional measures due to which the desired result is achieved faster.

Good habits include:

  1. Healthy sleep. A person should sleep at least 6 and no more than 9 hours a day. Long-term sleep, like its lack, slows down the processes in the body, creates a state from which it is difficult to get out.
  2. Cold and hot shower. He is especially invigorating in the morning. Try not only to abruptly change the water from cold to hot or vice versa, but also turn on the massage mode in the shower, directing it to the abdominal area.
  3. Wraps. With the help of cling film wrapped around the waist, a greenhouse effect is created – fat is released along with intense sweating. To improve the result of the procedure, you can apply special mixtures under the film, to which honey, wax, chocolate and other components are added. They have a positive effect on the skin, eliminating wrinkles and other imperfections.
  4. Swimming or gymnastics. Sports, especially with these types, strengthen the abs, dissolve excess body fat, and have a positive effect on all muscle groups.
  5. Yoga. There are special asanas aimed at getting rid of excess weight. They also calm the nervous system.

A corset is a great solution for those who dream of a flat waist. But you should not consider it the main tool for this, because it “works” only as an additional tool. Before buying it, be sure to consult a doctor.

You can find out what your normal waist circumference is, if you subtract the figure 100 from the height (in cm). For example, with a height of 160 cm, the waist should have 60 cm, and with a height of 185 cm, respectively 85 cm. The difference is 10 cm more or less is considered risky.

Video: how to achieve a narrow waist

To remove the stomach and sides, it is worth adhering to a set of exercises and balanced nutrition. It is equally important to relieve yourself of stress, think positively, delete cigarettes, alcohol, love of fatty foods, and other bad habits from life. The exercises can be performed both at home and in the gym. The second option is preferable. Sports activities along with a diet will give an effective result in a few months.