The unpleasant consequences of a long absence from the gym: the body cannot be fooled

A new “that Monday” has come and along with it another attempt to start systematically going in for sports. Here you come to the gym, full of strength and vigor, in the hope that your body will be grateful for your physical activity. But suddenly, in reality, everything turns out not to be as you imagine it, and the body begins to react strangely to exercise. Do not be surprised, because such surprises happen to literally every novice athlete.

Toilet calls

This problem that many athletes have is also a natural reflex. Strenuous exercise increases heart rate and, as a result, makes all internal organs work harder.

Most often, it is the cardio load that puts pressure on the intestines and bladder. Therefore, experienced athletes advise against eating fiber-rich foods and caffeine before training, and be sure to warm up before cardio.

Tremors and muscle twitching

Tremor is an involuntary tremor of the limbs, which very often begins in athletes with increased physical exertion. The explanation is simple – playing sports causes severe fatigue and depletes energy.

The very same trembling of the limbs and twitching of the muscles is a signal that the body is running out of electrolytes. It is enough just to drink more fluids during and after training.

Labored breathing

Heavy breathing is normal during strenuous exercise, but there is a difference between heavy breathing and labored breathing. The latter can cause dizziness and nausea.

Try to focus on rhythmic, correct breathing while doing the exercises.

Feeling cold in the stomach

The feeling of a cold, as if frozen abdomen is often frightening, but to be afraid of nothing is a normal physiological reaction. The fact is that during training, more blood flows to the muscles than to the internal organs, and they produce a lot of heat, which is removed by the skin.

Therefore, compared to the rest of the body, the abdomen may appear cold. Nothing can be done with this, the feeling will disappear by itself after training.


Of course, the urge to grab a snack after a workout is completely mundane, but if it affects your mood and well-being, it means that the imbalance between calories burned and calories received is too great.

In this case, it is necessary either to reduce the intensity of the training, or to rebuild the diet.