What foods contain estrogen

When a woman’s body lacks estrogen, the skin fades, the elasticity of the ligaments decreases, mood swings become frequent, and fatty deposits appear on the hips and abdomen. To make up for the lack of estrogen without resorting to hormone therapy, women include in their diet foods rich in natural phytoestrogens.


Beans, green peas, lentils, soybeans are very rich in estrogen. Unfortunately, they have little place in our food culture. When consumed regularly, they not only maintain the necessary hormonal levels, but also bring other tangible benefits.

Legumes are rich in:

  • fiber;
  • complete vegetable protein;
  • vitamins, especially group B, which are responsible for the activity of the nervous system;
  • microelements, including those rarely found in other foods.

The inclusion of legumes in a regular diet contributes to the preservation of youth and health, improves mood, especially lentils, which contain the “hormone of happiness”, promote weight loss and cleanse excess cholesterol.

Tofu cheese

The estrogen content in tofu cheese – bean curd – allows you to get by with just 90 g of this product per day. Tofu can be used as an independent dish, or as an ingredient in soups, salads, casseroles. It can be fried or stewed with vegetables.


Another source of estrogen is properly prepared from quality roasted coffee beans. You just need to remember the rule that before noon this is a medicine, and after that it is poison. Women with problems of the cardiovascular system, as well as those who are very young or over seventy, should not abuse coffee.

Flax seeds

The most important source of estrogen has been largely forgotten. Although our grandmothers and great-grandmothers still ate linseed porridge and the seed itself, they drank oil. This made it possible for many years to provide the female body with the elements necessary for health.

The highest phytoestrogen content of all plant products is found in flax seeds. Only 1 tbsp. l. a day is enough to maintain the required hormone levels. Among other things, flaxseed contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which is especially important for women who do not eat fish due to allergies or other reasons.

Flax seed is rich in healthy fiber and helps to effectively cleanse blood vessels from cholesterol.

Dried fruits

The highest estrogen content is in dried apricots, prunes and dates. Dried fruits should be eaten with caution if you are overweight and have high blood sugar. In other cases, they are not only safe, but very useful.

In addition to estrogen, dried fruits contain fiber, vitamins and minerals necessary for the female body that support health and improve mood.