What sweets can you eat while losing weight

Getting your figure in perfect shape is quite a difficult task, especially for sweet lovers. Most people believe that sweets contribute to weight gain. But in fact, there are such sweet foods from which you can get not only pleasure, but also benefit.

Pastila and marshmallows

Made from fruit or berry puree with added sugar and egg whites. There is no fat in these treats. In addition, they contain a lot of useful substances. Pectin removes harmful substances from the body. Protein is a building block for muscle tissue, strengthens immunity and improves brain function, lowers blood cholesterol and helps restore bowel function. Also the composition of marshmallow and marshmallow includes agar-agar. This mixture improves metabolism and aids in weight loss. It is useful to eat up to 30 grams of these sweets per day.


A natural product that is a storehouse of vitamins. In addition to its beneficial effect on immunity, it improves metabolism. It is enough to consume 2 tablespoons a day. This amount of honey contains 70 kcal. This is enough to energize the body.

Dried fruits

Due to their high fiber content, they help cleanse the intestines. But they can be consumed no more than 30 grams per day due to their high calorie content. Most preferred dried fruits:

  • raisins – soothes the nervous system;
  • dried apricots – contains a lot of potassium, due to which it has a beneficial effect on the heart;
  • prunes – normalizes bowel function, lowers blood pressure, improves vision;
  • figs – relieves the intestines of parasites and normalizes the activity of the thyroid gland, gives the body energy;
  • dates – help with headaches and colds;
  • papaya – boosts immunity and stimulates metabolism.


When choosing this product, you should pay attention to those kozinaki made from nuts and honey. This is a fairly high-calorie delicacy: 525 kcal per 100 grams. If you eat no more than 10 grams per day, then the kozinaki will not bring any harm to the figure. Also, do not forget that this dessert may contain dried fruits and sesame seeds – useful ingredients, but only if you eat them in moderation.


This sweetness is made from nuts and seeds with the addition of honey or syrup. Due to this, halva is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and dietary fiber. It can be consumed 50 grams per day, and then you will not harm your figure, and your body will be saturated with energy.

Black chocolate

One of the most dietary products, as it contains practically no sugar. Cocoa in the composition improves mood and stimulates memory. And the higher its content, the more useful the product. You can consume 10-20 grams of chocolate a day, even on the most strict diet.


By its beneficial properties, it resembles marshmallow and marshmallow. It contains a lot of pectin and no fat at all. The most useful will be the marmalade of apples, plums, apricots and black currants. It is allowed to consume no more than 20 grams per day.

Ice cream

When losing weight, you should choose ice cream without fillers and low in fat. Creamy ice cream supplies the body with calcium, which signals the brain for satiety. Least of all calories in popsicles and sorbet… Even on a strict diet, you can afford up to 50 grams of this dessert per day.

Candied fruits

These small pieces of processed fruit in sugar can be considered dietary. They have a number of beneficial properties due to their content of fiber, vitamins and minerals. The most useful for weight loss are candied fruits from ginger and pineapple. Ginger sweets help weight loss due to the content phenol-like components that accelerate metabolism. Candied pineapple also helps you lose weight, thanks to plant enzymes that burn fat. You can eat about 40-50 grams per day.

Products based on pectin and stevia

Pectin improves the functioning of the body and helps in getting rid of extra pounds. It slows down the absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream, which interferes with the formation and absorption of fats. To reduce weight, it is enough to take 25 grams of pectin daily in the form dietary supplements or include in the diet 400-500 grams of pectin-rich fruits and vegetables such as apples, lemons, oranges, pumpkins, apricots, carrots.

Stevia Is a natural sugar substitute. This herb has a pleasant taste that makes it a versatile sweetener. In addition, it contains few calories – 4 kcal per 100 grams. There is no concept of “daily value” for stevia – it can be added to food in any amount. But it’s worth remembering that sweetness stevia higher than sugar.