Why is it harder to run outside than on a treadmill?

The treadmill is one of the most popular exercise machines. Many people come to the gym just to comfortably run, warming up muscles and spending extra calories. At the same time, experienced users note: running in the gym is much easier than on the street. We will try to figure out why this is happening and whether it is possible to increase the load in the gym without harm to health.

Gym or street: where is the best place to run?

Running on the track

The load while running depends on many factors. Among the main ones:

  • speed;
  • surface relief;
  • air temperature.

The running speed on the treadmill is set by the trainee himself. Experts clarify – the moving belt reduces the load, mainly the anterior thigh muscles work. When moving on a magnetic or mechanical track, the load increases: the quadriceps and gluteal muscles are included in the work.

In comparison, when jogging outside, all major muscle groups are involved, including the abs and back.

It is easier to run on a smooth track than on rough terrain. Pits, irregularities, stones found on the street complicate the process. It is even more difficult to move on wet grass or sand. This jogging will increase the load and make the muscles tense more, but the result can be injury.

No one argues: it is very pleasant to run on a clear summer morning along a forest path. However, many have to choose other, less pleasant routes, and the weather is not always good. Heat, high humidity, extremely low temperatures increase the load on the body and cause rapid fatigue. Jogging in extreme conditions is contraindicated for people with problems with the lungs, heart, blood vessels.

It is easy to set the gym to a comfortable temperature and provide fresh air. A runner need not worry about sudden rain, snow, fog or car fumes.

The conclusion is simple: outdoor activities are more difficult, but it is not always possible to control the load. Running on the treadmill is less tiring, the built-in counter will help you understand how many calories you burn in a workout.

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How can I increase the intensity of my treadmill workout?

Setting up the treadmill

For those looking to get the most out of the exercise, use as much muscle as possible, and burn more calories, you can try:

  1. Change running speed. Interval training has been proven to be more effective, it speeds up metabolism and does not overload the heart muscle.
  2. Change the slope of the track. Running uphill is much more difficult, and besides, the slope makes the quads, gluteus and calf muscles work more actively.
  3. Take some lessons from your coach. He will recommend the optimal speed, teach you the correct positioning of the foot. This will not only increase the load, but also help prevent injury.
  4. Involve not only the legs, but also the upper body. Intense arm movement will increase the load and help work your abs and back muscles.
  5. Find the right footwear. A special running shoe with shock absorbers is ideal, while crossfit shoes are recommended for strength training. Running in the latter is extremely uncomfortable, and it makes much more noise when running.

It is much more beneficial to exercise in a cool room. An open window will provide fresh air and force the body to burn more calories.

And to keep from getting bored, use these tips, tried and tested by many runners in the gym.